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Ben 10 Porn Story: Raindrops Chapter 20

Ben 10 Porn Story: Raindrops Chapter 20


arent going to leave you behind, Ben said to me.

use me again, I replied. Its a bad idea for me to come with

right, Ben, Gwen said.

only saying that because she attacked you! Ben replied angrily.
And she only did that because they were controlling her! We cant
just leave her behind!

please, understand something, I said. Im not strong enough
to withstandhow I would feelif I hurt you. So go.

still wouldnt go.

not leaving, he said.

was banking on that, Jade said, entering the room. She held two
syringes in her hand.

I yelled. You arent going to poison them too!

jumped in front of them.

and Gwen got ready to fight, and Ben was about to press his Omnitrix.

I said. You two. Dont use your powers! Thats the information
shes looking for.

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Ben 10 Porn Story: Ben & Gwen & Grandpa – part 5

Ben 10 Porn Story: Ben & Gwen & Grandpa – part 5

Part 5 is finally out there! Sorry that it took a long time. Now It’s ready!!

Reminding you of Part 4:

Gwen: I’m not really sure who to pick… A rematch?

Ben&Max: You’re on!

Gwen: I’m such a slut!


Part 5:

Ben: There’s no way I’m giving up on Gwen Grandpa!

Max: You winning Gwen is a dream that never will come true!

Suddenly, a big black hole going circles over its-self appeared out of no where and…

Max&Gwen&Ben cuddle up together: “Ahhh!!!!!”

And Bang! They are kids again.

After 15 minutes Ben wakes up.


Ben: “Huh? Where am I??”

Ben was completly naked.

Ben looks around and notices Gwen naked and on the ground. Ben’s dick got totally hard. But, he cared more if she was alive. He checked and she was alive but asleep.

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Ben 10 Porn Story: ben and the slut 5

Ben 10 Porn Story: ben and the slut 5

was nooin and noein gwen fuck juli hard and fast raveging her pussy loving the pleaser it gave her harder faster she fuck juile never careing about juile wellfare charmcaster fingering herself why suck ben cock suck faster and harder slave yeled ben he had yet fuck juile but soon bring her here gwen fuck juiles pussy the entire walk to ben faster harder she did juile ass was for ben he placed his dick at juile ass slaming hard to the balls harder he fuck her the loder juile screamed and harder ben fuck faster hader fater faster harder hardertill he came ben pulled his dick out and yeild pleaser your master slaves gwen juile and charmcaster all suck his dick till dawn

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Ben 10 Porn Story: Carwash sex part two

Ben 10 Porn Story: Carwash sex part two

He just couldn’t, it was so wrong. But as she continued washing the hood of the car I knew something had to be done before something bad happened. Just then she picked up the hose and began to spray the soap suds down when she turned the hose on herself. As soon as she did this I was amazed how beautiful she looked under her white shirt. Her nipples were perfectly shaped, and hard, her breasts were like two softballs bounding up and down every time she moved. At that point she was beckoning me over to her, touching herself, and moaning as she sprayed herself. All of a sudden I look down and I have a huge boner, and I noticed that she say it because she laughed and gave a sexy smile as she looked at my crotch. She walked over to me, grabbed my dick and said “meet me in my bedroom in 20 minutes and ill rock your world”. As she said that I shivered with excitement.
Just about 20 minutes later I walk up to her room thinking twice about this, “how can I do this to Gwen she is my cousin”. Standing outside her room there was a note on her door it said “BEN”. Inside the note it said, “Just walk in and sit down on the bed I will be in shortly”. I walk in and I immediately fall to the ground unconscious. When I wake up I find myself naked and tied to the bed with one of Gwen’s spells.
“What the fuck are you doing” I said.
She said, “I’m getting everything ready and making sure you don’t bail on me”
As my vision adjusted I noticed that she was wearing a sexy cat suit with a tail ears and whiskers and a red nose made of makeup. I instantly became very hard and she noticed right away.
“Oouuuu looks like someone likes what I’m wearing” she said
As I shook my head yes she walked over to me and said “Let’s get started shall we, I want the real ben before I take on your aliens”.
The first thing was that she got on top of me her pussy already sopping wet and she slid down my chest past my dick and sat on the bed as she let out a long moan “OOOoooh that’s good “. She then grabbed ahold of my dick and started licking it from top to bottom, it felt soooo good. Then as she caressed my penis she plunged it into her mouth and began to give me the most incredible blowjob ever, and let me tell you she could hold her breath for a long time. As she was sucking my dick I noticed her beautiful breasts bouncing with each plunge of my dick cramming down her throat. After about ten minutes of that I screamed of joy because I came every ware and she got most of it up.
“Now that’s a good boy”, she said as she finished, and she started making her way up to my face” now it’s my turn”. As I began to say something she sat down with her pussy right in my mouth and it tasted amazing. As I ate her pussy raw she screamed and moaned and shook the whole damn bed, I thought it was goanna collapse. The best part was that she put a spell on herself to immobilize herself so she couldn’t resist my feast. After she had about four orgasms in like 45 min of eating her sweet pussy she said “it is time”
She then got up turned around and positioned herself above my penis, which was still hard as a rock from after she blew me. I was still tied up as she descended onto my dick, and I felt it all I felt her cool lips of her pussy rapping around my head, and the her pussy wrapped around my dick, and it was so tight I let out a great moan.
As she got the rest of my 12 inch dick inside of her she moaned and gasped for breath like it was her first time. She screamed as she rode me, up and down faster and faster I thought I was goanna explode and then it happened…… To be continued:})

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