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Gwen is being attacked by tentacles of a g/g Alien!

Ben10 Porn Pics

Hentai Picture: Gwen is being attacked by tentacles of a g/g Alien!
Be sure to check out this great Ben 10 site both for long time viewers and the uninitiated as well! We are anxious to fill up this heavily bosomed Ben 10 hot lay featuring a hot pair of ass cheeks and a sexually eager slit… Sexy Gwen with a hot pair of titters getting shagged hard and swallowing a huge amount of sperm and on her boobs…

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Ben 10 Porn Story: Dinner Chapter 1

Ben 10 Porn Story: Dinner Chapter 1

I have a slight writer’s block for my two Stories – The Emperor’s Gift and Oh No!

I have got chapter 7 for The Emperor’s gift, but I don’t know what direction to go in for Oh No!

Please leave comments on the stories and help me get rid of the block!

This story has been swimming around in my mind for a while!

“The Greatest Gift and Honour, is having you for a daughter,” Fa Zhou said calmly wiping away his daughters tears, “I have missed you so.”

“I’ve missed you to baba,” Mulan replied

Fa Li sighed at the sight of her daughter and husband.

“Great, she brings home a sword, if you ask me, she should have brought home a man…” Grandma Fa exclaimed dissapointedly.

She was then interrupted by a male voice, “Excuse me, does Fa Mulan live here?”

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Ben 10 Porn Story: Ten Ways to Annoy Your Cousin Chapter 1

Ben 10 Porn Story: Ten Ways to Annoy Your Cousin Chapter 1

I’m a real fan of Ben 10. It’s one of the only shows on Cartton Network I do watch. I decided to do something like this because of the bickering Ben and Gwen always do. I do not own Ben 10. This is just a fanfiction. Please do not sue me.

Chapter One: The Heatblast Way

Hello, a smiling Ben Tenison greeted from behind the Rust Bucket. He looked at the audience with an innocent smile. Im Ben Tenison, and welcome to Ten Ways to Annoy Your Cousin, staring me, Ben 10. Ill be demonstrating ten ways you can annoy your cousin. All you need is an RV, your Grandpa away on a shopping trip, and an Omnitrix, and you yourself can annoy your doofus cousin the Ben 10 way. He revealed the Omnitrix on his wrist with a smile. Well, its time to start the demonstration.

From inside the rust bucket, Gwen Tenison is looking through the freezer looking for some ice cream. The task proved difficult since the freezer was almost completely over frozen. The ten-year-old stood on a chair in order to reach the inner parts of the freezer.

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In bathing suit wondrous Gwen looking ideal

벤10 망 가

Hentai Picture: In bathing suit wondrous Gwen looking ideal
Gwen with stockinged legs exposing her neatly groomed snatch and engulfing a pecker in her every cum hole. This thread concerns only teen characters from Ben 10 and gets them in all kinds of perverse situations. We are anxious to push something sizey deep inside this curvaceous Ben 10 hot lay who has a sexy ass and a fuck-willing cunt.

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Ben 10 Porn Story: Reality Alien Show – Chapter 1

Ben 10 Porn Story: Reality Alien Show – Chapter 1

Ben 10: Reality Alien Show

The Beggining: Introduction

Me: Hey everyone! This is the Alien reality TV Show! I’m your host and the one who will announce the contestants! Please note that the aliens aren’t Ben, they’re other aliens. So, the housemates!

Ben Tenneson

A Fourarms guy

A Stinkfly guy

A Diamondhead girl

A Ripjaws guy

A Heatblast girl

An XLR8 girl

A Cannonbolt guy

A Grey Matter guy




Ben: (walking on a sidewalk while whistling.) (then trips) Whoa!

Ben: What’s the big deal? (looks behind him then sees a cowbar) Hey! Who put a crowbar here?

Vilgax: (Appears out of nowhere) hahahaha!

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Ben 10 Porn Story: Aliens Chapter 2

Ben 10 Porn Story: Aliens Chapter 2


Ben and Gwen reached the aliens Ben said:

you alien pieces of space shit! There is no way you are gonna destroy
this planet without a fight! So bring it on freaks!”

alien Chief smiled and said:

earth being we are wiling to spare your life if you stay out of our
way. So if you try to stand in our way then we will exterminate you
and your little girlfriend first and we will do it in a very
excruciating and slow way and do the same to the rest of the beings
on this planet. It’s your choice.” All this didn’t matter to
Ben. He still wanted to fight. He took a last look at Gwen and said
to the alien chief:

don’t care! We are still gonna kick your ass!!”

alien chief smirked cruelly and yelled to his alien collages:

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Ben 10 Porn Story: Slugish Chapter 2

Ben 10 Porn Story: Slugish Chapter 2

I don’t own Ben 10

Kevin broke the door knob. He wouldn’t
have had to, the door was almost always unlocked, but breaking Ben’s
house was just to much fun. He had seen Ben’s parents leave, since he
had been waiting outside of Ben’s house for the past 45 minutes, and
finally he knew Ben was going to be alone. He sighed. “God, I
still sound like that creepy kid I used to be. ‘Mwah hah hah
Tennison’s alone now I can get my revenge.’ Ugh…” he quietly
snuck into his house. “okay being creepy as a kid did have it’s
perks. Like being able to sneak up on Tennison without him knowing.
As he snuck up behind Ben he realized why Ben was so easy to sneak up
on. He was asleep. In a way that looked quite painful. His head was
on his computer keyboard and he was hunched over. Kevin gently*
picked Ben up and placed him on his bed. He was about to leave when
he couldn’t help but realize how easy it would be to kiss Ben. He
leaned over and pressed his lips against Ben’s.

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Ben 10 Porn Story: Dont Push Him Chapter 2

Ben 10 Porn Story: Dont Push Him Chapter 2

Disclaimer: I dont own Ben 10 or Twilight.

Chapter Two: Twenty Questions

Are you a mineral?


Are you a vegetable?

No. His tone of voice was just as smug as the smile on his face.

The three teenagers sat outside Mr. Smoothy, taking the time to enjoy the beautiful sunny day. It was a moment of downtime from fighting aliens for the trio and they made the most of it the way they always did. They got drinks.

Ben sat with his back against Kevins car, grinning a Cheshire Cat smile, with his drink tightly clutched in hand. Gwen was a little above him in her spot in the passenger seat, car door wide open. Her face was cradled in her hands with elbows resting on her knees as she tiredly rolled her eyes.

Are you a living creature? She questioned her cousin with a sigh.

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Ben 10 Porn Story: Fantasy Chapter 5

Ben 10 Porn Story: Fantasy Chapter 5

Ben sat up, puzzling over his dream. This time, the cable box said it was two in the morning. Ben had slept for only two hours. But now, his thoughts were racing so quickly he doubted he’d ever go back to sleep.

Someone I like….Gwen’s just my cousin, and I don’t hang out with any other girls, Ben searched his mind frantically, but the only females he spent time with were all related to him. Except for Julie, of course, but she wasn’t the answer either.

“What’s wrong?” Kevin had come back into the living room, on his way to the kitchen for a midnight snack. But Ben’s whimpering had temporarily side tracked him. “You keep making a funny noise…

“I’m thinking,” Ben explained.

“Ah. So that’s the sound of your brain trying not to explode,” Kevin joked. Ben glared.

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Ben 10 Porn Story: Fucking days

Ben 10 Porn Story: Fucking days

“Ben, it wouldn’t be fair to start before Grandpa Max gets here,” Gwen pointed out. “Besides, my pregnant pussy may be hungry for your cock, but stomach is even hungrier for that pizza grandpa’s bringing.”“I have to agree with Gwen,” Jane said with a shake of her brown hair when Ben turned to her for support. “I’m hungry, and I think I should have a chance to know your grandpa a little better before I end up fucking him.”“Ok,” Ben groaned, “I know when I’m outnumbered. But I expect the two of you to fuck like crazy after we finish eating.”“I don’t think that will be a problem, Ben,” Gwen said with a broad grin.All three of them turned when they heard the front door open and Gwen tugged at the belt of her robe to make sure it was tight around her engorged belly as Grandpa Max opened the door and stepped into the living room with two large pizza boxes balanced in his free hand as he shut the door behind himself. “Who’s ready for dinner,” he called as he looked at the three faces turned up to look at his Hawaiian shirt behind the pizzas.“I am,” Gwen said as she jumped forward to take the top box from her grandfather. “Why don’t we take the pizzas to the kitchen and eat there? No reason to be formal and eat in the dining room, besides, too many people can see us through the dining room windows.”“That’s true,” Grandpa Max said as he and the others followed the red-head into the kitchen. “And it sounds like you have an idea for something that we might want a little privacy for.”“Just a little idea,” Gwen said with a grin as she set the pizza box down on the table and went to the cupboard for some paper plates and towels. “In case you haven’t guised already grandpa, this is our friend Jane. Ben knocked her up with twins our second day in school and now that she’s showing her parents don’t want her staying in their house so she’s staying here with me now.”“And whose idea was that?” Grandpa Max asked as he gave Jane an appreciative look from her bare feet to her already swelling tits before he forced his eyes a little higher to look at the girl’s face. “Was it yours or your parents?”“I suggested it,” Gwen said with a grin, “but once I told mom and dad what Jane’s parents were doing I didn’t have to work on them too hard before they made the offer to take her in until her babies were born. Of course they don’t know that Ben is the father – or how we’ve been spending our evenings since she moved in.”“I see,” Max said as he ran his hand across his short grey hair, “and just what have you been doing in the privacy of your room?”“Let’s just say,” Jane said with a grin, “that I never knew how good it felt for two pussies to rub together. On top of that we would have spent a fortune replacing batteries in our dildos if Ben hadn’t improved them with eternal batteries.”“I wish I could have been there,” Grandpa Max sighed.“Well you will be tonight,” Gwen pointed out with a broad grin, “you and Ben both. And to start things out I thought we’d get to know each other a bit better by eating dinner in the nude. What do you think of that idea?”“I think it sounds great,” Max said as he watched Gwen remove her robe and toss it off to the side. Even as Gwen reached for the tight fitting blue on blue t-shirt with the cat face cartoon he reached for the buttons of his Hawaiian shirt and tossed it on top of Gwen’s discarded robe and Ben and Jane weren’t too far behind them.As the four naked diners watched each other Ben realized that while his eyes continued to drift toward Gwen and her swollen belly and tits, his grandfather’s gaze stayed on Jane’s even larger tits as they ate. “So, Jane,” Grandpa Max said as he grabbed his third slice of pizza from the box, leaning forward to get a good look at the girl’s tits and swollen belly before he sat back in his seat. “Did Ben really put two babies in that belly of yours?”“He sure did,” Jane said with a wide grin as she pushed her brown hair back from her face and set her shoulders back so Max could get an even better look at her breasts. “But now that I’ve met you I almost wish that I’d waited.”“Really?” Max asked as he puffed his chest out proudly.“Almost,” Jane said with a wink as Ben and Gwen snickered. “Now that I’ve met you I realize that you have a larger cock than Ben and I realize how much I want to feel it inside me, but I was just too horny to wait for you. And once Ben slid into my pussy and filled it with his cum that was all my body needed to start swelling up. I’m happy to have Ben’s babies growing in my belly, but I do look forward to the feel of your cock slamming in and out of my hot cunt.”“Such a hot dirty mouth on such a young girl,” Grandpa Max chuckled, “it makes me so hot I want to slide my prick into your slit right now.”“Gwen told me you liked it when she talked dirty,” Jane said with a grin, “and that’s just the response I was hoping for. And who says we have to wait? My stomach’s had enough food for now, and now it’s hungry for something else.”“Maybe we should move somewhere where we’ll be more comfortable,” Max said as he slid his chair back from the table and reached a hand out to help Jane get up from her own chair. “Why don’t we move into the den?”“We haven’t fucked in there yet,” Ben said with a smile as he helped his red-haired cousin to get up from her chair and the pair of them followed Max and Jane into the other room. “Do you two want the couch? Or would you prefer the floor?”“What do you think Jane?” Grandpa Max asked the pregnant brown haired girl as the four of them walked into the den.“If we fuck on the couch,” Jane said thoughtfully, “then we’ll have a clear view of Ben and Gwen while their fucking, I think I’d like that.”“So would I,” Max said with a chuckle as he guided the pregnant eleven year old to the couch. Jane stretched out on her belly and raised her ass toward the ceiling as Grandpa Max sat down behind her and lowered his mouth to her juicy pussy and started teasing her slit and clit with his lips and tongue.As Max continued to eat Jane’s dripping cunt Ben stretched his back out on the rug and helped Gwen as his red headed cousin straddled his hips while she faced the couch so Jane and her grandfather could clearly see her tits, belly, and cunt as she rode Ben’s prick. Gwen was so horny by now that Ben didn’t even have to tease her pussy to get her juices running. Even as she lowered herself on her cousin’shard cock she could feel her erect clit rubbing along the shaft and sighed with pleasure as she watched her grandfather get up on his knees behind her best friend and fit the head of his cock against the other girl’s pussy.“Fuck her grandpa,” Gwen gasped as she raised and lowered her pregnant body on Ben’s cock.“Fuck him Gwen,” Jane moaned as she watched the red-head bounce up and down on her cousin’s erect cock with enough force to make her swollen belly and tits jump with every stroke. She could feel Max’s cock filling

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