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Ben 10 Porn Story: Seasons Chapter 8

Ben 10 Porn Story: Seasons Chapter 8

disclaimer: I don’t own Ben 10/Alien Force or its characters.

Jun-Junrah hal co-con jin tutso!

Me either, Junrah I dont get how in the world they can really sleep at a time like this either.

Hal-con noy roja!

I know–the cells are the epitome of uncomfortable.

Slowly blinking her eyes open as she sat with her back against the wall of the cell that she and her husband and been confined to, Gwen took one look around the dark cell, before shoving Ben–who was sitting against the wall, asleep, beside her–on the shoulder and jumping up to her feet. Len. Wheres Len? And Jess? And why are we in this cell and–

Calm down there, Red.

Pause mid-panic, Gwen moved her fists to her eyes, rubbing away at them as she tried to clear her blurry vision, before hurrying on up to the bars of the cell door and smiling as her eyes fell upon the sight of the two aliens that were now waiting out beside the door.

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Ben 10 Porn Story: How the Omnitrix came to be Chapter 3

Ben 10 Porn Story: How the Omnitrix came to be Chapter 3

After reviewing my last flic, I realized I made some grammer errors
so Im going to be on the look out here. Sorry, no new heroes in
this chapter!

first fanfic, will improve as I go along, I have been a gamemaster on
my past RP site so the action should be good, and I do not own Ben 10
or anything that is remotely like Ben 10.

Rhino-Thank you for your comments about my story. I am glad that you
helped me keep writing.

Ammo- We will see on Heat Blast. I got something special planned for
him. ;)

the Hunter-Get ready for more surprises to come!



in the world do big plans have to take a long time to be completed!

He thought to himself.

robot Lt., QU2 stood nervously by. He was pacing the floor eager to
receive an answer from his lord. He stopped and looked at Vilgax.

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Ben 10 Porn Story: Backup – Chapter 2

Ben 10 Porn Story: Backup – Chapter 2

updateness :3


drove for a few minutes down the road that would lead him to Gwens
house, but first stopping at a small shop at the end of one block. He
parked his car in the lot, and walked into the shop. A young woman
with light blond hair and blue eyes smiled at him from behind the
counter. Mr. Levin I assume? she said, holding out a large
bundle of yellow roses.

maam. He replied taking them from her. He pulled out his
wallet, and handed her the money for them before walking off back to
his car. A roar of thunder boomed in the background, and rain slowly
began to pour from the sky. Great.
Kevin thought. Though, it didnt really ruin his whole plan.

he turned into the lot, Kevins eyes went wide. A dog with a death
wish, pissing on his car! Hey mutt! Get away from there! He ran
towards his car, trying to push the dog away with his free hand. The
dog spun around, and glared at him, after all, who just leaves a
giant green fire hydrant just lying around?

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Ben 10 Porn Story: Kevins Folly Chapter 10

Ben 10 Porn Story: Kevins Folly Chapter 10

Chapter 10- Finale

Kevin crouched down and absorbed the
marble title of the floor. Getting in a defensive position he looked
at the blonde. Why dont you tell Gwen about your future plans,
and if you dont then all she has to do is read about it. Kevin
said tossing the journal at Gwen.

Michael rushed at Kevin and shot
another energy beam at him. When I finish you off for good then
all of this will be forgotten, besides Gwen already agreed to marry
me. He said creating another orb of energy.

Not for much longer Kevin said
smirking Why dont you let her get out of the way before you
hurt her he added as he moved before Gwen and kept her guarded
Gwen from harm.

Nodding his head the blonde allowed
his fiance to go up the staircase to landing of the second floor
where it was safe. As soon as she was on the second floor Michael
charged his rival with another blast of dark energy.

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Ben 10 Porn Story: Alien Demon or Undead Chapter 8

Ben 10 Porn Story: Alien Demon or Undead Chapter 8

Chapter Eight

Ben and Kevin recognized the figure as soon as the words left Gwens mouth. They stared, unwilling to believe that he was there. Kevins eyes narrowed as he swore under his breath, his fists clenched at his sides.

You know this one? Lothan asked from behind them.

Unfortunately, yes, Gwen replied.

The black-clad form stopped a few yards away, silent as it appeared to study them. Lalasa motioned for them to remain in place as she stepped forward, pausing as she neared.

You seem to have lost your way, traveler, she began cautiously. Perhaps it would be best for you to turn back. The nearest town is approximately fifteen miles away.

I assure you, the hollow voice replied, this is exactly where I intended to be.

What do you want, Michael? Ben asked as he joined them, Kevin and Gwen at his sides.

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Ben 10 Porn Story: Familiarity Chapter 1

Ben 10 Porn Story: Familiarity Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone,
except Aliahanna (Who I do own but I dont). Compliment to
Finding Aliahanna one shot femmeslash, Jasmine/Aliahanna.

Jasmine wanted to hate Aliahanna
for stealing her man, but a part of her just could not. Jasmine saw
a hint of familiarity in her eyes. Like she knew her from somewhere.
Perhaps an old friend.

After Aliahanna and Aladdin had
their dance at the ball, Jasmine stepped out to see Aliahanna.

Hi, Jasmine said softly.

Hey, Aliahanna smiled.

Do I know you from somewhere?
asked Jasmine.

Maybe, I know a lot of people.
There is a chance we could have crossed paths at one time,
Aliahanna replied.

May I have this dance? asked

Sure I would to dance,
Aliahanna replied.

Jasmine took Aliahanna into her
arms and started dancing with her. Her moves were very familiar to

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Ben 10 Porn Story: Persevere Chapter 2

Ben 10 Porn Story: Persevere Chapter 2

Love brought forth the fall of many great a nation yet remains in itself innocent- bengwen014

A/N: Revised the entire chapter to make it more authentic and add more depth to the atmosphere. Enjoy!


Persevere Chapter 2: Commitment

Ben gulped as he sat face to face with his cousin. Who knew all the hours he spent rehearsing what to say, word for word, would fly off the window as soon as their eyes met? How does she manage to put such uneasiness within him every time she looks at him?

Well? Gwen finally asked worriedly when she noticed that Ben has been staring blankly at her for the past ten minutes now. What was so urgent that you wanted me to come right away?

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Gwen has boobs now!


Hentai Picture: Gwen has boobs now!
Incidentally, aint’it a Ben 10 roll in the hay one can spot here? Lustful babe dreams to bonk for hours and drink all the jizz from those wieners… Ubiquitously celebrated Ben 10 characters are here again with their new naughty ways in current article.

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Ben 10 Porn Story: ???????????

Ben 10 Porn Story: ???????????

Ben, it wouldn’t be fair to start before Grandpa Max gets here,” Gwen pointed out. “Besides, my pregnant pussy may be hungry for your cock, but stomach is even hungrier for that pizza grandpa’s bringing.”“I have to agree with Gwen,” Jane said with a shake of her brown hair when Ben turned to her for support. “I’m hungry, and I think I should have a chance to know your grandpa a little better before I end up fucking him.”“Ok,” Ben groaned, “I know when I’m outnumbered. But I expect the two of you to fuck like crazy after we finish eating.”“I don’t think that will be a problem, Ben,” Gwen said with a broad grin.All three of them turned when they heard the front door open and Gwen tugged at the belt of her robe to make sure it was tight around her engorged belly as Grandpa Max opened the door and stepped into the living room with two large pizza boxes balanced in his free hand as he shut the door behind himself. “Who’s ready for dinner,” he called as he looked at the three faces turned up to look at his Hawaiian shirt behind the pizzas.“I am,” Gwen said as she jumped forward to take the top box from her grandfather. “Why don’t we take the pizzas to the kitchen and eat there? No reason to be formal and eat in the dining room, besides, too many people can see us through the dining room windows.”“That’s true,” Grandpa Max said as he and the others followed the red-head into the kitchen. “And it sounds like you have an idea for something that we might want a little privacy for.”“Just a little idea,” Gwen said with a grin as she set the pizza box down on the table and went to the cupboard for some paper plates and towels. “In case you haven’t guised already grandpa, this is our friend Jane. Ben knocked her up with twins our second day in school and now that she’s showing her parents don’t want her staying in their house so she’s staying here with me now.”“And whose idea was that?” Grandpa Max asked as he gave Jane an appreciative look from her bare feet to her already swelling tits before he forced his eyes a little higher to look at the girl’s face. “Was it yours or your parents?”“I suggested it,” Gwen said with a grin, “but once I told mom and dad what Jane’s parents were doing I didn’t have to work on them too hard before they made the offer to take her in until her babies were born. Of course they don’t know that Ben is the father – or how we’ve been spending our evenings since she moved in.”“I see,” Max said as he ran his hand across his short grey hair, “and just what have you been doing in the privacy of your room?”“Let’s just say,” Jane said with a grin, “that I never knew how good it felt for two pussies to rub together. On top of that we would have spent a fortune replacing batteries in our dildos if Ben hadn’t improved them with eternal batteries.”“I wish I could have been there,” Grandpa Max sighed.“Well you will be tonight,” Gwen pointed out with a broad grin, “you and Ben both. And to start things out I thought we’d get to know each other a bit better by eating dinner in the nude. What do you think of that idea?”“I think it sounds great,” Max said as he watched Gwen remove her robe and toss it off to the side. Even as Gwen reached for the tight fitting blue on blue t-shirt with the cat face cartoon he reached for the buttons of his Hawaiian shirt and tossed it on top of Gwen’s discarded robe and Ben and Jane weren’t too far behind them.As the four naked diners watched each other Ben realized that while his eyes continued to drift toward Gwen and her swollen belly and tits, his grandfather’s gaze stayed on Jane’s even larger tits as they ate. “So, Jane,” Grandpa Max said as he grabbed his third slice of pizza from the box, leaning forward to get a good look at the girl’s tits and swollen belly before he sat back in his seat. “Did Ben really put two babies in that belly of yours?”“He sure did,” Jane said with a wide grin as she pushed her brown hair back from her face and set her shoulders back so Max could get an even better look at her breasts. “But now that I’ve met you I almost wish that I’d waited.”“Really?” Max asked as he puffed his chest out proudly.“Almost,” Jane said with a wink as Ben and Gwen snickered. “Now that I’ve met you I realize that you have a larger cock than Ben and I realize how much I want to feel it inside me, but I was just too horny to wait for you. And once Ben slid into my pussy and filled it with his cum that was all my body needed to start swelling up. I’m happy to have Ben’s babies growing in my belly, but I do look forward to the feel of your cock slamming in and out of my hot cunt.”“Such a hot dirty mouth on such a young girl,” Grandpa Max chuckled, “it makes me so hot I want to slide my prick into your slit right now.”“Gwen told me you liked it when she talked dirty,” Jane said with a grin, “and that’s just the response I was hoping for. And who says we have to wait? My stomach’s had enough food for now, and now it’s hungry for something else.”“Maybe we should move somewhere where we’ll be more comfortable,” Max said as he slid his chair back from the table and reached a hand out to help Jane get up from her own chair. “Why don’t we move into the den?”“We haven’t fucked in there yet,” Ben said with a smile as he helped his red-haired cousin to get up from her chair and the pair of them followed Max and Jane into the other room. “Do you two want the couch? Or would you prefer the floor?”“What do you think Jane?” Grandpa Max asked the pregnant brown haired girl as the four of them walked into the den.“If we fuck on the couch,” Jane said thoughtfully, “then we’ll have a clear view of Ben and Gwen while their fucking, I think I’d like that.”“So would I,” Max said with a chuckle as he guided the pregnant eleven year old to the couch. Jane stretched out on her belly and raised her ass toward the ceiling as Grandpa Max sat down behind her and lowered his mouth to her juicy pussy and started teasing her slit and clit with his lips and tongue.As Max continued to eat Jane’s dripping cunt Ben stretched his back out on the rug and helped Gwen as his red headed cousin straddled his hips while she faced the couch so Jane and her grandfather could clearly see her tits, belly, and cunt as she rode Ben’s prick. Gwen was so horny by now that Ben didn’t even have to tease her pussy to get her juices running. Even as she lowered herself on her cousin’shard cock she could feel her erect clit rubbing along the shaft and sighed with pleasure as she watched her grandfather get up on his knees behind her best friend and fit the head of his cock against the other girl’s pussy.“Fuck her grandpa,” Gwen gasped as she raised and lowered her pregnant body on Ben’s cock.“Fuck him Gwen,” Jane moaned as she watched the red-head bounce up and down on her cousin’s erect cock with enough force to make her swollen belly and tits jump with every stroke. She could feel Max’s cock filling

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Ben 10 Porn Story: Cleaning the cars

Ben 10 Porn Story: Cleaning the cars

It was 10 a. m. on Saturday morning when Ben arrived at Gwen’s house. They’d decided to have a normal weekend for once. Fighting aliens all the time certainly made you appreciate normalcy whenever you could get it. First order of priority was washing their cars. They’d both gotten cars for their 16th birthday, thanks to the generosity of their parents. Both cars were long overdue for a wash. He was to blame for that. He had an intense dislike of automated car washes, having been trapped in one when he was 10. He’d narrowly escaped the scalding hot wax cycle, thanks to Grandpa Max’s quick reflexes, but going through the giant roller brushes and commercial air dryer had been enough to traumatize him. As a result, he avoided all automated car washes whenever possible. They rarely had time to hand wash their cars, but today was the day. He parked his car next to hers on the driveway. The garage door was open, and Gwen was already gathering the supplies. His mouth fell open. She looked gorgeous. She was wearing her green string bikini top and denim cut-offs – really short ones. For some reason, he found that even sexier than seeing her in just the bikini. Her feet were bare, revealing toes that were perfectly polished. Her sunglasses perched dangerously on her head and she absently set them down on top of the storage cabinet as she continued rummaging through the shelves.She looked up and gave him an appraising glance. He looked cute in his blue t-shirt, cargo shorts and flip flops. “Hi. ”
To his surprise, she hugged him warmly. He looked around nervously. Usually they were careful not to openly display such affection with each other, lest their parents become suspicious. She smiled, as if reading his thoughts. “My parents went out for the day. ”
That changed everything. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her soundly. She kissed him back just as eagerly. The caress of his lips on hers set her aflame with desire. He drank in her sweetness, wishing that they could always be this uninhibited with each other. She held on to him tightly, and he nibbled on her shoulder, running his hands down her back. “We could just forget about the cars…” he murmured suggestively in her ear. It was so tempting, but she knew it wasn’t a good idea. Reluctantly, she pulled away. “They’re definitely going to be suspicious if they come back and the cars aren’t washed. ”
He had to agree. And the cars really did need to be washed. Maybe if they worked quickly, they’d have time left over for other fun. She bent over to pick up the bucket, and his gaze became riveted on her shapely butt. She caught him staring and shook her head in exasperation. “Here, make yourself useful.He took it and carried it out to the cars. Though it was still early in the morning, it was already warm. It promised to be a hot summer day. He dunked the sponge in the bucket and was about to start with the hood, but she stopped him. “We should start at the top,” she told him. “Otherwise the hood will just get dirty again. ”
She was right, of course. Gwen always planned ahead and worked efficiently. He made short work of washing the roof of his car and watched with amusement as she stood on her tip-toes and struggled to reach a spot on the roof of hers. Her body pressed against the side of the car, and he idly wished it were him she was pressed up against. Gwen grimaced. Her calves and shoulders ached from straining to reach the top of the car. There was one stubborn splotch right in the center, just out of her reach. She wasn’t quite tall enough. But Ben was. He was considerably taller than her and had been for some time. He could have easily reached the top of the roof without having to strain at all, and yet he was just standing there with his arms crossed, watching her with a little smirk on his face. She glowered at him, but he made no move to help her. Why isn’t he helping me? she thought indignantly. He was supposed to be her boyfriend. Couldn’t he be chivalrous for once?She would have been perfectly happy to have her car washed at the automated car wash just a few blocks away, but no… Ben hated those things. He’d balked at the idea because he’d have to sit in the car while it went through. He’d adamantly refused, even when she’d offered to sit with him. She should have offered to just take his car through while he waited outside. It would have only taken a few minutes for each car. And then they would have had the entire rest of the day to spend together, however they wanted. But it was too late for that now. She was stuck out here in the hot sun hand washing her car, and she was too short to reach the top of the roof. Gwen contemplated her options. She wished she had a stepping stool. She was tempted to create a platform of energy that would levitate her high enough to reach, but she didn’t want any of the neighbors to see her using her powers. Besides, every normal person who washed their car had to figure out a solution to this problem. And she desperately wanted to be normal for once. Just for one day. She let out a loud curse as she lost her balance and nearly toppled backwards. Ben was laughing. The jerk. He probably wouldn’t have even tried to catch her if she’d fallen. She tossed her hair over her shoulder and glared at him, hands on her hips.She was beautiful when she was all in a huff. He was suddenly fascinated by the rapid rise and fall of her chest. As she wiped her forehead with the back of her hand, little rivulets of water trailed down her bare arm. “Ben! ”
“What? ”
“I said, ‘Aren’t you going to help me?! ’” she practically shouted. Really, what was the point of having a boyfriend if he couldn’t even help her with a simple task like this? “Oh… okay. ”
Given that he was so much taller than her, he supposed it was only fair that he worked on the hard-to-reach parts of the roofs of both cars. It was just so much fun watching her…
Gwen was fuming. She couldn’t believe he was smiling. He’d been enjoying it, watching her plaster herself against the side of the car. She’d get back at him for that. As she continued washing her car, she considered and rejected several ideas. She decided she had to lure him into complacency, and then when he was sufficiently distracted and not expecting it, she would make her move. He wouldn’t know what hit him. It was silent for several minutes as they scrubbed. He finished the roof of her car and went back to working on his. She opened the passenger side door of her car and turned the radio on. Music always helped her think.He glanced over in her direction, trying to gauge just how irritated she was with him. The car stereo was blaring, and she was humming softly to herself, hips swaying in time to the rhythm of the music. She attacked the grime on her car with the same determination she approached fighting alien villains. He couldn’t help but smile at that thought. He loved watching her. Gwen looked up and raised an eyebrow at him when she noticed him staring at her. He looked away, not wanting to anger her further, but it was hard not to stare. She was vigorously wiping the side mirror, with so much enthusiasm that her breasts bounced up and down slightly with the movement. Gwen was starting to enjoy herself. In truth, it wasn’t that bad being outside washing the cars. It was actually kind of fun. She just enjoyed being with Ben, no matter what they were doing. And teasing him was so much fun. She reveled in the power she had over him. She just wished he weren’t trying so hard not to notice. She’d have to turn it up a notch. She grabbed the hose and started rinsing the soap off the roof of her car. Ben heard the sound of water running and looked up, surprised. She was rinsing her car off already?

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