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Ben Ten Ultimate Alien: Family Bonding

The comic is a fun colour comic telling the story of two best friends and an alien. The blonde and the brunette are inside the warehouse, with the goal of finding an artifact. They are surrounded by something that explodes , and hits them with a pink cloud. The girls appear in hypnosis. The girls stop searching for artifacts and begin to change. They take off their clothes and display their delicious peaches to a loved one. The girls begin to kiss, but then the pink cloud turns into a whip which is used to smack them on cheeks.

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Sultry Summer

Riding in the van for a long time may be exhausting and boring so Ben and Gwen decided to figure of something exciting and fun to do… and, since it’s also a hentai themed parody, there is no better plan than to be the most passionate time with one another every time theywill get a chance! Through these pages, they will get such chances many times…

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